Common Problem

Q1. What is Ant Mining? What is the value of Ant?

Ant Mining is an innovative technology based on blockchain technology, which enables users to earn Ant with a gamified experience. Users can earn Ant through the three roles of the miner, referrer, and verifier in Ant Mining.
To make Ant valuable, we strive to build Ant Mining as a real interpersonal network and promote users to use Ant as an exchange medium for commodity and service in real life. The ultimate goal is to list Ant on the exchange.

Q2. Can I withdraw my Ant? When can it be withdrawn?

No, withdrawal of Ant is not available in the first and second phases of the project. In the final stage (phase 3) of Ant Mining, Ant Mining will be listed on the exchange, and Ant will be available for trading at that time. Depending on user growth and community development around the world, our goal is to enter the third phase by the third quarter of 2022. Please refer to the project roadmap in the white paper: Ant Mining is a community that requires joint efforts and time to build. If you want to get rich overnight like winning the lottery, Ant Mining is not your option.

Q3. Potential growth of the value of Ant?

The value growth will be affected by factors such as the number of users on the Ant Mining, the frequency of transactions between users, and the liquidity and time of the transaction market. For example, the value of Bitcoin was $0 when it was launched in 2008, but with the support of factors such as popularity and time, as of today, the transaction price of 1 Bitcoin is $37,000. As the value of Ant and the ecosystem of Ant Mining require time and the joint efforts of users to realize, if you expect to get rich overnight, the lottery will be a better choice.

Q4. What do I need to pay to earn Ant? Do I need to pay a premium?

You can join the Ant Mining and earn Ant without additional charge. However, this does not mean that you can reap Ant without sowing. To make Ant's gaming experience more interesting and meaningful, we strive to create an interpersonal network outside of games to promote users to interact in real life and use Ant as a trading medium for goods and services. Therefore, the development of the project requires everyone to contribute to the Ant Mining ecosystem, and Ant is your return. At least, you can log in to Ant Mining every day and activate a new 24-hour mining period.

Q5. Why will the mining rate be reduced?

To ensure the stability of the value of Ant and prevent any negative fluctuations, we must reduce supply (referred to as "halving" in the industry) to maintain the balance of the supply and demand chain. By reducing the supply of Ant, Ant Mining can maintain the scarcity of Ant scores to ensure the value of Ant held by our users (including you). Take Bitcoin as an example. Halving is a common phenomenon, occurring approximately every four years. Every time a halving event occurs, the price of Bitcoin will increase. In short, reducing the supply of Ant can protect the value of Ant for each user.
According to our project roadmap, there will be a total of 4 times mining rates halving in the entire project. On December 8, 2020, when the user number reached 100,000 worldwide, the first mining rate halving (-> 0.8 Ant/hour) has been completed. The next three times will happen when the entire Ant user grows to 1 million (-> 0.4 ants/hour, completed on January 9, 2021), when user grows to 10 million (-> 0.2 ants/hour), and when it grows to 100 million (-> 0.1 ants/hour). When the number of global users reaches 1 billion, Ant supply will be terminated.
When you realize that the rate of earning Ant is not as fast as before, you may feel upset. But halving is still a very important measure to create and increase the value of Ant. For more information, please refer to the section of the community news "Why is Ant Mining gradually reducing Ant's supply" released on December 8, 2020.

Q6. What is the actual total supply of Ant?

When Ant Mining reaches 1 billion users and stops supplying Ant, the total supply of Ant = M + R + V + C. M is the total income of all miners from the beginning of the project to termination of supply, R is the total income of the referrers, V is the total income of the verifiers, and C is the sum of the rewards Ant received by the core development team of the Ant Mining, which is 25% of (M + R + V). The actual number of Ant's total supply will depend on how active all users are before the project reaches one billion users.

Q7. Why is there a difference between the displayed balance and the actual balance of Ant?

The balance displayed on the homepage in the application is the current "temporary" income indicator. However, the actual balance will be transferred to your account after you complete the 24-hour mining period according to the formula. For example, suppose that your basic mining rate is 0.8 Ant per hour and you have already referred 10 first-level miners and 10 second-level miners to join your team, and 7 first-level miners and 7 second-level miners in the team as well as yourself is active mining during this period, you will get 0.8 x 7 x 20% (basic mining rate) + 0.8 x 7 x 20% (additional income of referrers) + 0.8 x 7 x 5% (extra income of referrers) = 2.2 Ant per hour today.
If you log out before the end of the mining period, the income will be canceled, so you will see the difference between the displayed balance and the actual balance.

Q8. Is Ant Mining a scam?

The blockchain theory has been fully proven. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether have long been an asset that can be used to trade goods and services in the market or exchange legal currencies such as the U.S. dollar. Blockchain technology is the backbone of the design of Ant Mining. You can refer to our white paper for details.
To ensure that Ant Mining will not be used for fraud, Ant Mining does not accept direct payment from users. Before Ant Mining enters the third stage, it is also prohibited to use Ant to exchange legal currencies.
Ant Mining has invested huge resources to acquire the website domain name We have also invested huge resources in hiring blockchain consultants, information technology experts, community managers, and other personnel around the world for cooperation to ensure that we provide quality services to all users. Ant Mining has reached the rapid growth of more than 800,000 users worldwide within 5 weeks of its release, which is enough to prove the public's recognition. Moreover, Ant is a free application that has been launched on the App Store and Google Play.

Q9. How can I earn Ant?

You will have 3 ways to earn Ant. First, you can log in as a "miner" every day and press the lightning button to activate the next 24-hour mining period to automatically earn the basic hourly income as a miner in the next 24 hours. The miner’s income is 1.6 Ant per hour (When the total number of users reaches 100,000, it will be halved to 0.8 Ant per hour, when it reaches 1 million users, it will be halved to 0.4 Ant per hour, and when it reaches 10 million users, it will be halved to 0.2 Ant per hour, when it reaches 100 million people, it will be halved to 0.1 Ant per hour. When it reaches 1 billion people, there will be no new supply of Ant, and hourly income will be 0.) Second, you can refer new members to your mining team as a "referrer" and keep each other active to log in once every 24 hours. You can earn extra income as a referrer. The formula is the basic income x the number of active members of the first-level team x 20% + the number of active members of the second-level team x 5%. Third, you can verify the credibility of the members of your mining department through simple verification, and you will earn extra hourly income as a verifier. Please note that the "Verifier" identity will only be available in the second phase of the project.

Q10. Will Ant Mining use up the battery or mobile data of the mobile phone? Do I need to keep the Ant application running all the time?

Neither. When you open the Ant Mining application and activate your 24-hour mining period, you will only consume a negligible amount of power and data, and the whole process can be completed in 10 seconds. After activating the new mining period, there is no need to keep the app open. After turning off Ant Mining, the application will not run in the background and will no longer consume the battery and data of the phone.
The difference in energy consumption between Ant mining and Bitcoin mining is also the biggest difference between the two. This is because Ant Mining and Bitcoin use different blockchain algorithms.

Q11. When can I use Ant to trade for goods and services provided by other users? When will it be possible to exchange Ant for legal currency on the exchange?

Ant is released on August 8, 2020. We are now in the first stage and are building a trusted user network. When we enter the second stage, we will launch the Ant Mining Market, through which players will be able to exchange Ant for professional knowledge, services, or goods provided by other users in real life. When we reach the milestone of one million users, we will enter the second stage, which is expected to arrive within 18 months after the launch of Ant. The specific timetable depends on the players' participation in the game. The third stage marks the moment when Ant is listed on the main exchange. By then, players can exchange Ant for legal tender such as US dollars. After 12 months of development in the second stage, we expect to enter the third stage within another 12 months. You can refer to our blueprint in the white paper.

Q12. Do I need to verify the phone number?

In the first stage, you only need to verify your phone number. When the project enters the next stage, further verification will be required.

Q13. Can I change my username?

No, the user name (referral code) cannot be changed, because this is your unique identity registered in Ant Mining.

Q14. Can I change my name?

Yes, we will soon introduce the function of nickname change, and please wait for the next app update. Secondly, we will conduct KYC "Know Your Customer" in the next stage, so you still have time to make changes later.

Q15. Can I change the referral code that invites me to join Ant?

Sorry, we cannot change the referral code that invites you to join the app, because we must comply with and respect our referral system.

Q16. If I use phone verification to log in for the first time, can I still change my phone number?

No. Once you choose to use a phone number for registration, you can only log in to your Ant account with this phone number through SMS verification.

Q17. Why does Ant only accept recommended new users to join?

If Ant cannot be used as a trading medium between users in real life, then Ant is just a set of numbers. To promote the growth of Ant value and ensure safe transactions between users, the user network of Ant Mining should only be composed of real people who have passed identity verification. Ant Mining relies on existing verified users to recommend people they know and trust in real life to join Ant Mining. Therefore, new users can only join the Ant Mining through the referral code sent by existing ones. Besides, to encourage players to verify each other to ensure the security of the Ant Mining, Ant Mining will reward the verifier with an additional hourly mining rate. By taking these measures, we are committed to ensuring the reliability of Ant Mining from both technical and personnel aspects.

Q18. Why can't I establish my security circle?

The security circle and verifier role will be launched in the second phase.
Please refer to the white paper for point 3 and phase 2 of the security circle: