1. Organization Introduction

Who are we? Ant Mining is a decentralized network initiated and built by the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).
We pick up “Ant Mining” as our brand name because we are inspired by the Ant Nest Mind in Kevin Kelly’s Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World. The Ant Nest Mind metaphors the group structure within the ant nest. Each ant fulfills its own task to voluntarily structure the nest system, which is also called a distributed system because it relies on millions of individuals for production. This system composition is autarky and has the following features:
1.Recognize the existence of individuals or modules in the organization: individuals and modules maintain a high degree of independence and close contact with each other. High independence means that each module has its own division of labor, and close contact means that there is smooth communication in between;
2. Each module has a strong capacity for self-adjustment: without unified leadership, the system can maintain dynamic balance through the internal adjustment of each module;
3. Two factors are involved to achieve the above effects: each module has a unified goal and a certain ability (for example, ants can independently complete their work such as collecting honey and exploring roads);
The organizational structure of the ant world includes a queen ant and many worker ants. In the nest, ants transmit information in a variety of ways to inform their companions of the location of food. When the nest is attacked, one ant transmits a signal, and the rest will fight in mass. Their cooperation makes the nest a unity. In the ant world, the spontaneous contribution of each individual maintains the overall operation. Although each individual contributes a small bit, the group generates huge power.
The Embodiment of Ant Nest Mind
The name of the project is Ant Mining. We hope that in the future, our organization and its operations will continue to develop in the form of an ant nest, and gaining power, and grow stronger with the spirit of ant nest.

2.Project Vision

Team introduction
The team of Ant Mining is composed of Internet and blockchain technology experts, top mathematics and cryptography experts, and community volunteers around the world.
The initial development of Ant Mining mainly relies on support from anonymous sponsors and we will continue to attract more sponsors. At the same time, the Ant Mining Foundation will announce the list of main team members, sponsors, and consultants after its establishment. The Ant Mining Foundation and the team have a total issuance of 25% of the tokens held by the foundation, which will be distributed to sponsors and directed to the ecological construction of Ant Mining.
Ant Mining is committed to build an open Internet platform with blockchain technology and establish ecological access to Dapp. We will try to introduce games, social networking, e-commerce, and life services to realize the goal that every user is a consumer, contributor, and value owner of the platform.
User Development Stage
1 million users registered in the initial stage.
In the second phase, the user number is expected to increase to 10 million. To adapt to the rapid growth and to provide the best security and privacy in the network, Ant Mining will implement the account verification system that complies with the Know Your Customer criterion. At the same time, we will build a community to enable users to define the next stage of work and build nodes (Node), after which we will introduce the Dapp ecosystem. With abundant daily active users, Ant Mining can maintain stable operation in the vibrant interactive community.
The third stage is expected to see 100 million users. We will start to build the Ant Mining value exchange platform. This will be carried out when a complete and sustainable ecological environment has been established. We will establish an open Internet platform for usage and trade with Ant Mining network blockchain technology.

3. Project Introduction

Ant Mining is a cryptocurrency that can be mined with mobile phones. Ant Mining is an innovative technology based on blockchain technology, which enables users to earn Ant with a gamified experience. Users can earn Ant through the three roles of the miner, referrer, and verifier in Ant Mining. To make Ant valuable, we strive to build Ant Mining as a real interpersonal network and promote players to use Ant as a trading medium for goods, services, and knowledge in real life. Eventually, will list Ant on cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to exchange Ant for other legal currencies.
The economic model of Ant Mining is based on the following principles. 1) When the global users of Ant Mining reach 1 billion, there will be no new supply of Ant. 2) Early users should earn more than late users. 3) Users who contribute more to the development of Ant Mining should earn more. 4) The contribution of Ant Mining's core development team should be recognized and rewarded. 5) The final supply aggregate of Ant depends on how active users are before Ant Mining reaches 1 billion users.
When Ant Mining reaches 1 billion users and stops supplying Ant, the total supply of Ant = M + R + V + C. M is the total income of all miners from the beginning of the project to termination of supply, R is the total income of the referrers, V is the total income of the verifiers, and C is the sum of the rewards Ant received by the core development team of the Ant Mining, which is 25% of (M + R + V). The actual number of Ant's total supply will depend on how active all users are before the project reaches one billion users.
Since cryptocurrency and blockchain are still relatively new technologies with great potential that are yet unknown to the public, Ant Mining hopes to be a useful tool to provide all users with knowledge and application of cryptocurrencies. Ant Mining is free to download. Therefore, while gaining an understanding of cryptocurrency, users can also have the opportunity to get returns from growing assets without having to invest with their own money.
How does Ant Mining work?
There are three main roles in Ant Mining including miner, referrer, and verifier. Whenever you press the lightning icon on the main page to activate the next 24-hour mining period, you will earn Ant according to (basic income) + (basic income) x 20% x (number of active members in first-level teams) + 5% x (number of active members in second-level teams). The income of miners is 1.6 Ant per hour (when the total number of users reaches 100,000, it will be halved to 0.8 Ant per hour; 1 million users, halve to 0.4 Ant per hour; 10 million users, halve to 0.2 Ant per hour; 100 million users, halve to 0.1 Ant per hour; 1 billion users, no new supply of Ant and hourly income will be 0). Therefore, the key to earning more Ant is to join as soon as possible and refer more people to join while the income rate has not been halved.
Miners click the lightning icon every 24 hours to start mining, and the income is 1.6 Ant per hour. (as mentioned above, as the user grows, it will decrease to 0.8, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1, and eventually 0) After miners click the mining button, there is no need to keep the application open and it will automatically earn Ant according to the hourly mining return rate. Mining will be stopped every 24 hours until the mining button is clicked again to start a new 24-hour mining period.
The goal of Ant Mining is to build a game community where members can trust each other and conduct secure transactions and exchange goods and services with Ant. As the community expands, Ant will become more valuable.
Referrers can earn referrer income by referring more new miners to join the miner team. Referrer will get Ant by 20% x the number active members of first-level teams x the additional income + 5% x the number of active members of second-level teams x the additional income. If you have 10 members in your first-level miner team, and all of them are miners, you will get an additional 10 x 20% = 200% of the basic rate of return. If your secondary miner team also has 10 members, and all of them are miners, you will get an additional 10 x 5% = 50% of the basic rate of return. For example, your basic rate of return is 1.6 Ant per hour, and you have also introduced 10 new first-level miners and 10 new second-level miners to join your mining team. Today, if you and your 7 first-level miners and 7 second-level miners have already mined, your mining speed today will be 1.6 (basic income) + 1.6 x 7 x 20% (referrer income) +1.6 x 7 x 5% (referrer's income) = 4.4 Ant/hour.There is no upper limit on the number of referrals, so there is no upper limit on the income of the referrers. Imagine that you have established a team of 200 people, the income is exponentially different compared with mining on your own.
Verifier (only available from the second phase)
Please note that the verifier function has not yet been opened in the first phase. The goal of Ant Mining is to build a game community where members can trust each other and conduct secure transactions and exchange goods and services with Ant. Therefore, we need verifiers to verify the identity of new members and introduce them to the verified network. As a verifier, you need to confirm:
You know the users you verified
You believe in their ethics and do not defraud
To facilitate the verification process, each time the verifier verifies a miner and adds it to the secure network, an additional income of 0.2 Ant will be added to the basic hourly mining return of the referrer in the secure network.
But please note that just when the project enters the second phase, referrers need to confirm that all users in their secure network have passed the real identity verification of the system. If any member in the verified network is no longer trusted, click "No longer trusted" on the icon of the untrusted member and share with Ant Mining. To reward the referrer for their efforts to make Ant Mining a trustworthy community, additional Ant will be given. The specific amount of rewards will depend on the real situation.